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Feedback from customers in Sri Lanka

08.30. 2023

In 2017, we supplied 60 sets of 30 watt one-piece lights to the Makumbura Railway/Bus Station in Sri Lanka. As of the end of August 2023, we were pleased to find these lights still shining brightly when we visited Sri Lanka again. Although this one-piece lamp has long been discontinued, there was no similar product on the market in 2017. We were the first to design and produce this product at the time, and now, many years later, it still illuminates this tiny station.

As a result of the installation of these lights, station management has been able to save money by eliminating the need to lay expensive cables.  Based on a daily use of 10 hours, the lights have saved 657,000 watt-hours of electricity over the past 6 years. Despite not knowing the local electricity cost, we can imagine that the authorities will surely recognize and appreciate this huge energy savings.

In addition, the 60 lights provide unparalleled convenience for business travelers. As time passes, they continue to provide travellers with lighting services at the station.

Natural magic weaves the sun's light into a bright loom through solar street lights. During the day, they silently accumulate energy from the sun, and at night, they become a constant light.

These street lamps, as if the guardian, stood in the city's streets and alleys, grass and paths, for the pedestrian's footsteps light ahead, for the darkness of the night gilded with a layer of light colour. In the evening sunshine after the glow dissipation of the night, they bloom like a river of stars pouring, as if the city between the tiny stars lit up one by one.

Once the street lamps need to bear the constraints of the power lines, while the solar street lamps have free wings, they can be in any place where there are no constraints on the bloom of light. They are in quiet country lanes, and crowded streets of busy cities, and can find their own place. No need to pull wires in the corners of the city. They are like a group of free dancers, dancing in the morning breeze, and quietly stopping at nightfall.

Even more wonderful is that the solar street lamp wick is so tough, it can cross years of wind and snow. Like a watchman guarding the clock, the flow of years, wind and rain remain in place. In a night of lights, they emit a warm glow, not only lighting up the road, but also lighting up people's hearts.

Solar street lights are a subtle blend of technology and nature, the crystallisation of human wisdom and environmental protection concepts. Their charm lies not only in their luminosity, but also in the beautiful vision of environmental protection and sustainability they convey, adding a touch of bright colour to the world.

SOKOYO hopes to create this miracle with you in every corner of the world. For more product details please send a mail to us at


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